Sunday, June 24, 2012

Procrastination at its best

I lost this last week to the procrastination bug. You would think I'd accomplish so much more being at home but it doesn't usually work out that way yet.

On Monday we delivered our load from Colorado into London,ON. From there we went back to the yard empty. It was 41°C with the Humidex which ment that it was too hot for the dogs to be in the pickup while we went out for lunch. With Molly not feeling well and her being heat, she would have had to in the box or cab by herself and Axle in the opposite. We decided to go home and relax. That night we took Moo and monster to meet with her friend. They are spending 2 weeks at their friends place visiting. I must say it's been strange without them around and I miss them.

My goals for this last week were to walk at least 3 miles and make it to the library. I did not accomplish either goal. We were home until Saturday but the temperature stayed in the 40's all week. So all I did all week was veg out and watch TV while on the computer. My goals for this week is pretty much the same. 1) walk 3 miles, 2) drink at least 2L of water a day 3) if we are home make it to the library.

Yesterday we went to Guelph,ON to load auto parts to take to Marysville,MI. It should have been an easy load, deliver the auto parts and reload watermelons 2 miles down the road in the same town and bring that load back to Kitchener,ON. Well not with our luck. Our load in Guelph was suppose to be ready when we got there but of course out wasn't. We ended up waiting close to 2 hours before we were loaded. From there we had to go back to the yard to get our paperwork, then straight to Sarnia,ON. At customs we had to get x-rayed, which took over an hour. The delivery was about 15 miles away and we got there just after 5. They unloaded us and we made our way back the 2 to the pickup but they had already gone home for the day. So we stayed at the truckstop across the street. It was kinda nice though because we watched movies and the dude waiting beside us was actually waiting to delivery there in the morning, he cut up a watermelon and gave me 1/2. I ate it ask to myself.

So today our day started out in Marysville,MI. We got loaded with watermelons, delivered them into Kitchener, went back to the yard to drop off paperwork, got our new paperwork and headed for border. We went to Emporium,PA empty to get a load of auto parts to take to Guelph,ON. We are now making our way to deliver, we are about 3 hours away. From Guelph we should just be going back to the yard.

Well I think that's all for now. I'm going try to accomplish all my goals this week. Until next time . . .


  1. Hi Cookie.....nice to meet you. I always like to meet women such as myself who are considered a little "shy". Anyway.....stopped here to see what you are about....and I see you travel with your guy. We do a lot of motor homing and I am always so curious about the women who ride with all of the truck drivers we see crossing our country. Sounds like you have found your spot and are "happy" there.....good for you....I say.


    1. Hi Jo!
      Thanks for stopping by. Over the last year I have been bit by the procrastination bug big time. It's always something or another that comes up or I'll post later. Here it is almost a year later and finally I come back because I have a new visitor.

      It's very nice to meet you. I spent hours on your blog going back threw some of your old posts.

      What I'm about, well I'm 3 weeks shy of my 30th birthday, I just celebrated my 1st wedding anniversary, I have 2 dogs, I travel full time with my trucker husband, been on the road for over 9 years, I'm a high school drop out, crafter, writer, blogger (when I focus), animal lover, Mammaw to a beautiful 3 year old, day dreamer and some day mini farmer.

      I actually found your site by looking for gyspy stuff. I believe I was a gypsy in a former life. The Metallica song Wherever I May Roam suits me to a tee. I enjoy being on the road. I wouldn't want to be stuck at home when there are all these sites to be seen. We are making our way back from Portland, Oregon.

      I most definitely have found my happy place. Thanks for stopping by.