Monday, May 2, 2011

A - Z Blog Challenge: Q is for . . .

For today's entry in the a - z blog challenge I'm going to write about something I would like to learn.  I would like to learn how to quilt.

For Christmas I received my first sewing machine but I have yet to use it. I have made a tote bag before with the help of my dad on his machine when I was quite young. I quite often find fabric I like when I get the chance to shop in the States. Most Wal*mart Supercenters have craft departments that sell fabric. They have had some really nice fabric and a lot of it goes on clearance as the holidays and seasons change.
I have been interested in learning to quilt for over a year now. Every few months I pick up a new quilting magazine to see what beginner patterns they have. I have found quite a few that interest me.
Now its just a matter of buying all the supplies and breaking out the sewing machine. I have lots I still need to purchase in fact all I have is the sewing machine. I love crafting so getting new items is always fun for me.


  1. Hi Cookie! ~ I, too, have an interst in quiliting. I did make my first quilt a few years ago (maybe 8) for my daughter. It was a simple one, but turned out pretty good. I have been (little by little) working on one that my mother started years ago. It is even MORE simple and doesn't require a sewing machine. It is called a "Cathedral Window" quilt. If you look it up, you'll see what I am talking about. It could be something that you could do while riding in the truck, too! Good luck with it! :)

  2. Thanks Becky for stopping by. Congrats on completing a quilt and thanks for mentioning the Cathedral Window quilt. I'll be sure to check it out. On a side note, I have completed R, S, T, and U entries and am just waiting to get home again to post them.