Friday, April 1, 2011

New Month, New Blog

With it being the beginning of April, and the warmer weather around the corner, what better time to start a blog. It was with much encouragement from my friend that I start this blog. She has inspired me to become a freelance writer.

She is participating in the 'A - Z Blog Challenge'. It seems very interesting. I can't wait to see what to see what she chooses to write about. The idea of the challenge is to write a blog posting everyday except sunday going thru the alphabet from A - Z so by the end of the month you would have 26 new posts. There is no limit on the length or what u can choose to write about. It's a great challenge.

I have decided to modify the challenge to suit me. Since I never know when I'll have the internet, I have decided to write as many postings as I can that include A - Z. I have 1 completed, its just a matter of getting it posted before I lose the internet.

So I guess if I was writing actual challenge todays 'A' post would be about accepting. I am accepting the challenge (in a way), I'm still gonna try to write A - Z aswell and post them when I have the chance. I am accepting the responsibility of this blog. I wish to share my curiosities with anyone that would like to read about them. I am accepting that just because I am a high school drop out doesn't mean I'm not smart or have nothing to share.

Also I'd like to apologize about my post, I'm just starting out and am kind of pressed for time, so for this thrown together post I do apologize.

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  1. Great job on starting your blog and posting your first entry! I'm so glad I could encourage you to start - it's a two-way street, your encouragement and support and motivation has meant the world to me! xo

  2. Your belief in me has worked wonders. It's nice having such a great friend.