Sunday, April 3, 2011

A - Z Challenge: B is for . . .

I actually had several ideas I was going to write about, but just as I was beginning to write, I changed my mind. And so it my second blog posting my indecision is appearing. Even now as I write this I have changed my mind again. So before I change my mind and I get behind in my posting.
I have decided to write this entry on believing. I never realized before how much the little things in life effect our very being. Over the years I've had my ups and downs and have finally come to realize that no matter what, you need to believe. We need to have hope that no matter how tough the times are that things will get better. When you believe it gives you something to life for. Believing makes you smile becuase you know everything will eventually work out.
I now believe in myself. I have the ability to make all my dreams come true, even if it is only writing about them. I believe in living life to the fullest. Life is to short to life a sheltered life. Get out and live life, make mistakes and learn from them. Everything is in life is an experience. Have no regrets. I believe in love at first site. I believe in losing yourself to any thing you are passionate about.
Remember to always believe in yourself. If you do, then no one can put down. No one can take your smile away.
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  1. I love this! It's so important to believe in yourself - I don't think enough people believe in themselves, and it prevents them from doing so many things.

  2. I must agree, too often we don't believe in ourselves and it limits what well actually do. What is there to be so scared of anyway?