Saturday, April 23, 2011

A - Z Blog Challenge: O is for . . .

I've made it all the way to the O posting. For today's entry I have decided to write about 3 topics. One is something I haven't done and the other two are something I am.

I am extremely obese according to my BMI. I am 5 feet tall and at the beginning of this month I weighed 192. My weight is slowly coming down but I'm still have a lot of work ahead of me. I'm not looking for the next quick fix even though it would be nice, I do realize that it took time to put the weight on so of course it wont come off over night. I have made some lifestyle changes to be healthier and in turn lower my BMI which will eventually make me not Obese. Its a long journey but I am here for the long haul.

I can become very obsessive in a very unhealthy way. I do not stalk or become obsessive with people. I become obsessive about thoughts, dreams and items. Right now I have 3 obsessions. 1-Trailers and the thought of living in a trailer full time. 2-Helping children and starting a Charity. 3-The Civil War. I tend to get fixated on things. I have spent countless hours lost in my own little obsessive world learning everything I can about my 3 current obsessions. With multiple google searches on the topics I learn what I can. I always have the best intentions but with being an obsessive procrastinator with a short attention span within 2 weeks I'll have new obsessions. In a few weeks or months certain past obsessions will return and I'll start the whole circle over again. My obsessions can include my crafts, watching TV or movies, listening to music, playing video games and even working out.

I have never swam in the ocean. I had been to Florida 13 times before my 10th birthday, but only remember swimming in pools. I have pictures of myself when I was three, chasing seagulls on the beach but swimming in the pool in the background. I almost had the opportunity while we were on a run in California. One of the rest areas has ocean swimming, but it just happens that at a certain time the military use the area for tests and training. Of course you can guess what time we were there. I have swam in the Gulf of Mexico though. I'm sure you'd think it was on one of the trips my grandparents took me on when I was younger but it actually happen while in the semi. We were delivery at load of kitchen cabinets to Orange, FL. We were so close to the Gulf that I left my boyfriend in the truck (sports were on) and I walked over to the beach. There was no one around everyone else had jackets and sweaters on. The must have thought it was too cold to go swimming yet there I am walking down the beach in my swimsuit and towel. I swam for about and hour and walked about and down the beach for about the same time. The water was a little wavy and by the time I got back to the semi to change I had sand in places I never knew existed. My boyfriend still has a good laugh about it today.

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