Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A - Z Challenge: J is for . . .

I know, I know, the procrastination won today. I'm just getting around to doing my posting for Tuesday. I did have some what of a productive day. I went out for lunch, made a trip to the library, walked 1.6 miles and am now relaxing, working on my postings as well as catching up on friends postings and doing laundry. We leave for work in about 5.5 hours. We are getting loaded about an hour from the yard and then deliver it in South Carolina for either Thursday or Friday.  I'm trying to do my postings early, instead if doing them all when we get home. It will be so nice when I get the new phone and can blog every day. I'm rather enjoying this new hobby of mine. Thanks Marie for all the encouragement :)

Todays J posting is about a few things. Again I couldn't pick just one. Which doesn't seem like a big surprise anymore.

Journaling - I don't write in a journal as much as I use to, I tend to let my procrastination win. I use to write at least once a day when I was in middle school threw most of high school. I also use to write letters, to myself and to a few friends. It was just another way to express myself. It was years before I started writing regularly again. I stuck with it for well over a year before again my procrastination took over. So yet again I have decided to write again and express myself. I'm going to apply the idea of to my journaling. The idea is to write one hundred words (no more or no less) a day for one month. Seems pretty straight forward, it's just a matter of accomplishing it. If I can accomplish writing one hundred words everyday for a month, then I'll do it again the next month.

Just Being Me and Journaling My Journey - These are titles of blogs written by Becky. I stumbled across her blog when I was looking for other people taking part in the A- Z Blog Challenge. It didn't take long and I had added her to my follow list. She stopped by my blog and is now following me. On my F posting she told me about her Journaling my Journey blog. It's her blog where she shares with her readers about her ups and downs on the weight loss journey. It's nice reading that you are not alone, and that everyone has good days and bad.

Junk - I like my friend Marie, suffer from junk everywhere. At times I can barely get to my desk let alone see my desk. I often wonder how I can anything accomplished. Who's kidding who, I do barely get anything accomplished. I'm very easily distracted and having all this junk around my room and on my desk gets very frustrating. My boyfriend describes me as a pack rat with s touch of hoarding tendencies. Like I really need those qualities added to my indecisiveness and procrastination. I can be very organized, but if someone messes with my system, and junk appears, then it doesn't take long to throw me out of whack. Once things start piling up, I find it hard to pull myself away from something else to tackling cleaning it and putting it back the way it should be. So tonight I cleaned my little corner where my desk is. Of course right now I have 2 laundry baskets on the bed in my spot, movies stacked on my dresser in front of the TV and various paperwork in a box. I moved my nail stuff back over to the bookcase and once again my little corner is kind of clean. I can see my desk again. Next time we are home I'll work on keeping my desk organized, clean off my dresser and the puppies kennel. The puppies kennel became the catch-all when we get home, everything seems to get piled up on it. I'm starting to worry it will collapse, OK it's not quite that bad yet.

Seems like I have a To Do List / List of Goals that has come out of this posting. They are :
1) Write 100 words everyday for 1 month. Starting April 12, 2011.
2) Keep my desk clean and organized.
3) Clean and organize on top and in front of my dresser.
4) Clean off the puppies kennel.
5) Don't let the not so important laundry pile up.
6) Fold and put the laundry away once it has been washed.

My list doesn't seem that big a deal when it's written down on the computer screen. I just need to put my mind to it and not let procrastination win. Everyday is such a struggle, some days are worse then others. Like today, I finally made it to the library. I have been telling Marie I have been wanting to go for over a month. I do get a lot accomplished once I get the ball rolling, it's just a matter of getting motivated enough to get it started. Here's to getting motivated. Maybe I wont wait until next time home. I think I'll set a timer for 10 mins and see what cleaning I can get accomplished. Wish me luck.


  1. Cookie.... I love reading your posts! I swear, you and I are SO much alike!!! It's scary! By reading your post... I think I can add "Procrastinator" to my list of descriptions, too. I never realized that I was one, but I really am! Oh dear! ~ I have journaled on and off for years, too. I try very hard to write in mine every day, but I tend to put it off most days and say..."I'll write tomorrow". I love to write. Always have. I guess that is why blogging is now something that I love so much! ~ Thanks for the mention in your post! I appreciate that so very much! ~ Junk! That should have been a word for me to use, as well! Your desk & dresser sound like mine! Although... I did clean mine off last week, finally! My desk is a mess right now, tho! Gotta get a handle on it again! I am a bit of a pack-rat, too! ~ Your 100 words idea is a neat one! I'll have to think about that for myself. ~ Hope you have a great day!

  2. Hi Becky, Thanks for the lovely comments you leave for me. I never did get around to working on my other entries becuase my internet crapped out, so instead of writing them on paper or using my phone, I decided I would take the time to get some sleep. 2.5hrs of sleep.