Monday, April 18, 2011

A - Z Blog Challenge: M is for . . .

Just some of the DVD collection.
Movies - My boyfriend and I enjoy watching movies and over the years that we have been together our movie collection has grown. It started out with VHS' and slowly they've been replaced by DVDs. We are just starting to look for Bluerays. We have well over 300 movies and now some Bluerays added to the list. While most people rate movies on a 5 star system, we rate our movies by how much we are willing 2 pay for them. In the last 5 years I can remember buying 3 movies over $20, they were the Star Wars, the Rocky series on Blueray for my boyfriend and Avatar on Blueray for myself. We buy most of our movies from local pawn shops. We also shop the bargain bins at Wal*mart. We travel with roughly 12 - 15 movies with us, not included my Star Wars. Once we watch the movies on the road we bring them home to be switched out for something new.

Music - I do not silence. I know it weird but I don't. I have an over active imagination when it's quiet. I get paranoid, I swear I can hear everything. It drives me crazy. When I was a kid I'd sleep with my music on, even when I shared a room with my sister I slept with head phones in. Even to this day I have a difficult time falling asleep if there is complete silence. I leave my computer running at night for a little bit of noise. I get earaches if I leave my headphones in now, and leaving the TV or music on drives my boyfriend nuts. Besides at night I love to listen to music during the day and especially while working out. I have CDs, MP3s and also have an FM radio app on my phone. In the truck we also have had XM satellite radio and Sirius satellite radio. I listen all types of music, my different moods and activities choose which genre of music I'll listen to. From high energy dance to native. I listen to a lot of 80's music.


  1. Hi Cookie ~ We love movies at our house, too. We have a cabinet full of them, plus shelves... and yet, we still can't agree on something to watch! ~ YAY to 80's music! :)

  2. I love movies too and have a huge collection but they're all old because I haven't been able to afford any new ones for a long time lol. All my Disney collection with the exception of a handful are still on VHS, I'd love to slowly get them on DVD when I have the money. I bet you could find great deals on movies in the States where everything is cheaper! I love music too, but unfortunately I can't read with it on, and only sometimes can I have it on when I'm writing, depending on other distractions, and even then it has to be so quiet I can barely hear it lol

  3. Thanks for stopping by ladies. I think it's safe to say that no matter the size of the movie collection, disagreements about that to watch will be right there along side the movies.