Saturday, April 23, 2011

A - Z Blog Challenge: N is for . . .

For today's entry in the A - Z Blog Challenge I could have wrote about many things, but I was able to narrow it down to just 1 topic. I have decided to write about night. I am a huge night owl. I stay awake all hours of the night and seem to get the most accomplished when everyone else is sleeping. It seems that at night I am less likely to procrastinate, I'm sure it has a lot to do with the fact everyone else is sleeping and there is nothing on TV. My only major distraction at night is the internet. I waste alot of time on my computer. I enjoy clear night skies, where I can look at the stars. There have been many nights where I lose myself in the starry sky, hour can go by and seem like mere minutes. It's so fascinating looking up into the darkness, there are so many things to spot, stars, shooting stars, constellations, satellites, planets, planes and moons. It sure makes you feel small and make you wonder. My favorite part of camping is all the night activities. We always have a fire, which leads to great conversation and stories. Of course you can't have a fire without roasting marshmallows and making smores. My family is very tech friendly and we often watch movies around the camp fire as well. I often sleep with my bedroom window open, even in the winter. The cool night air is so soothing to me. While camping I love listening to call the night animals and insects. Their songs serenade me. I love watching thunderstorms at night. Since I was a child I would open my blinds/curtains and allow the flashes of lightening light up my room. Again it may be odd but I find the chaos of a storm very soothing. Of course having your window cracked, hearing the rain and thunder and having the lightening flash into your room tends to scare the dogs. Over time the learn not to be scared and will lay on my bed with me. Rusty would stare into the night sky with me and then eventually fall asleep. Oxie, gets scared during big storms and tends to find a save spot, under the bed in the semi or at the edge of the bed. The puppies are unsure what to think about storms. They have only been in 1 at night so far and thought someone was trying to get into the semi. Needless to say we had 3 guard dogs for about an hour and a half before they finally realized they could relax and go back sleep. Needless to say I am a night lover, and I would not change it for the world. 

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